Carina Curto
Professor of Applied Mathematics and Brain Science
Division of Applied Mathematics and the Carney Institute for Brain Science
Brown University, Providence, RI


A.B. Harvard University 2000
Ph.D. Duke University 2005


Here is a brief bio.
Fall 2023 ICERM Semester Program

Math + Neuroscience: Strengthening the Interplay Between Theory and Mathematics
Sep 6 - Dec 8, 2023

ICERM is an NSF math research institute located at Brown University.
Research Interests
Mathematics applied to and arising from theoretical and computational neuroscience.
Neural network theory and neural coding. Applied algebra, topology, and geometry.


TLN software in Matlab: CTLN Basic 2.0, written with Katie Morrison.
Clique topology software in Python: PyCliqueTop_2023, written by Nikki Sanderson.

Additional software can be found on my Github, and nebneuron.


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